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Split, one of the most beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean, a city that has been sung in many songs and won the heart of the many. A city in whose streets you will feel the Dalmatian charm that has reigned here for centuries, and whose ancient history leaves you speechless. Fact that the life of the inhabitants of Split is intertwined with love for the city and the sea makes it more special. The love of many for this city is visible in every step, so do not stop enjoying it at any time.

The old town is full of beautiful streets, squares and monuments that will delight you at first sight. Its friendliness and atmosphere will enchant all its visitors and show why Split is one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean.


1. Diocletian's Palace - visit the most beautiful pearl and the historical core of Split from the time of the former Roman Empire, where the inhabitants still live today. Diocletian's Palace is a unique place in Europe dating back to the 4th century, and it was the residence of the Roman emperor Diocletian. It was built in the form of a military camp, and its magnificent walls can be seen throughout the old part of the city. With specifically cobbled streets, numerous squares and historical remains, it is no wonder that it is on the UNESCO list. There are many reasons why Split is on UNESCO’s list and you will straight away see that in continuous life of the inhabitants of Split inside the palace, extraordinary preservation, and the existence of various exhibits such as the original Egyptian sphinx 3,500 years old or basement of the former emperor. It was a beauty of Split that attracted the Game of Thrones series, and the palace served as the location for many scenes from the popular series.


2. Cathedral of St. Duje - discover the oldest cathedral in the world that is still used today, and dates back to 350 AD. It initially served as Diocletian's mausoleum, and contains many elements from that period. Right next to the cathedral there is a beautiful vestibule that served as a lobby at the entrance to Diocletian's Palace.


3. Peristyle - the heart of the city of Split and the center of former life in the time of Emperor Diocletian. With its ancient pillars built in the Corinthian style, it represented a place where the emperor Diocletian addressed his inhabitants on a daily basis. In addition to beautiful pillars and a stone-paved square in the immediate vicinity is the Temple of Jupiter. With perfectly crafted acoustics, the Peristyle is used as a venue for many operas and performances, and during the summer you can listen to wonderful performances by talented artists every night.


4. The old town - a walk through the city of Split is something you should not miss since there are countless streets and squares where you can fully experience the ancient culture. So don’t miss a visit to “Prokurative” where you can enjoy a morning coffee or a romantic dinner. Take a walk along “Marmontova” Street, which stretches all the way to Split's waterfront, or enjoy delicious food at the beautiful “Pjaca”.


5. Marjan – on western part of Split is a 170m high hill and protected park-forest filled with beautiful promenades and nature along which you will forget that you are staying in the city. With numerous bike paths you can reach the very top of Marjan from where there is a beautiful view of Split, but also islands such as Brac, Hvar and Solta. Find numerous other lookouts and "Marjan churches" carved into the rocks whose appearance will leave you breathless.


6. Museums and galleries - For all cultural heritage and history lovers, there are numerous museums and galleries in the area of ​​Split. One of the most beautiful and most famous is certainly the gallery of Ivan Meštrović, which in a beautifully decorated environment presents the most significant works of one of the greatest Croatian sculptors. Also, you can visit museums like the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of the city of Split. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Senses, which in recent years has taken numerous versions around the world.


7. Salona - just a few kilometers from the center of Split is the ancient capital of Dalmatia during the Roman Empire where lived more than 60,000 people. Inside the Salona you can find the remains of a former amphitheater, as well as numerous archaeological treasures from the Roman Empire.


Split thrives with many beauties, some of which are thousands of years old, but you can feel its uniqueness most in its people. Split is not only made of walls or monuments, it is also made of cheerful and friendly people who will make you love every moment spent in Split.


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