Food for gods


With the numerous temples of Roman gods that existed in Split, it is no wonder that you can try the perfect gastronomic offer of Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine. Many can't even imagine a pleasant summer evening without a glass of good wine and Dalmatian prosciutto, and it's time for you to taste this magical combination as old as Split.

As a real Dalmatian city, Split is an ideal place for tasting local cuisine, but also for trying many world dishes. Of course, you must not miss the delicious Mediterranean cuisine for which Split is famous and whose flavors will surely delight you. There are many places in Split where you can try great dishes and enjoy every bite. Here are some of the most popular restaurants, taverns and pizzerias in Split:

1. Bokamorra - in addition to a modern interior and a beautiful view, it will delight you with an excellent selection of cocktails and pizzas matching everyone's taste.



2. Basta - a pleasant restaurant on the West Coast of Split with a perfect view of the sea, will provide you with extremely tasty food that you will enjoy every moment.



3. Adriatic Grašo - a popular place in Split because of its magical terrace overlooking the whole of Split. In addition to the idyllic view, they also offer delicious Dalmatian specialties with quality wines.



4. Skipper - all lovers of Italian cuisine must try the delicious "meter pizza" with a beautiful panoramic view of the waterfront, islands and harbor.



5. Bakra - a few minutes walk from Diocletian's Palace you will find a wonderful place to enjoy the delicious specialties of this Steak & Pizza bar.



6. Toto's burger bar - an unavoidable place for all hamburger lovers, located right next to the Riva. With its rich offer, it will delight even the most demanding guests.



7. Buffet Fife - one of the most famous places in Split with a diverse selection of food, and also the ratio of price and quality. All the more so when you add to that the fact that it is located in the city center.


If you want to try fish restaurants or other restaurants that offer a wide range of more expensive food, keep in mind that they are slightly more expensive compared to the proposed restaurants. Still, their vibe and food quality justify the price. Some of these restaurants are: Zrno Soli, Bokeria kitchen & wine, Zoi…


We have no doubt that you will have time to discover many other locations for great gastronomic pleasure. Luckily we have a gym where you can still be fit for the beach.


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